COLEACP is organising training-of-trainers and facilitators within the STDF-financed project “Improving the sanitary and phytosanitary quality of Penja pepper in Cameroon to facilitate access to international markets”, on the theme “Good SPS practices in the Penja pepper value chain”.

Objectives of the training

The training-of-trainers and facilitators aims to strengthen the technical and training skills of experts and strategic actors in the pepper value chain, so that they can subsequently play the role of trainers and coaches, particularly for the training courses planned under the STDF/PG/593 project implemented by COLEACP.

At the end of the training, the participants will have acquired the necessary skills to organise and run training courses on good SPS practices in food value chains in general, and on the Penja pepper value chain for actors in the chain:

  • nurserymen
  • producers
  • processors
  • packaging managers
  • distributors
  • phytosanitary agents of the Directorate of Regulation and Quality Control (DRCQ)
Organisation of training
The training will be organised in three phases. Phase 1, which is purely theoretical, will bring participants up to speed on SPS aspects. Phase 2 will provide additional information on the existing SPS risks throughout the pepper value chain, and the measures to manage these at the different stages along the chain (based on the Good Practice Guide).

  • Phase 1: Follow-up of online courses via COLEACP’s e-learning platform – Participants will follow several courses independently and will have to pass a test to validate their technical knowledge. On the basis of successful completion of the test, participants will receive an email to confirm their selection and will have the opportunity to follow the rest of the course.
  • Phase 2: Distance and/or on-site training – A training course will be organised and led by two trainers. This training, organised in a classroom and/or at a distance using digital tools, will go deeper on certain subjects. As well as attending various presentations, the experts will have the opportunity to participate in exercise-and-exchange sessions, as well as workshops for reflection (estimated duration: 1 week).
  • Phase 3: Training in practical use of the technical and training tools developed on the basis of the guide – This final phase will consist of classroom training, where learners will do practical exercises supervised by the trainers, followed by coaching sessions during training in real situations (estimated duration: 1 week).
More detailed explanations will be given at the beginning of each step.

Target audience

This training is addressed to the following audience:
  • Consultants/trainers active in the horticultural sector in Cameroon
  • Strategic players within the GR-IGPP (Penja Pepper Geographical Indication Group): either employees of the IGPP group or trainers within the GR-IGPP member companies
  • Trainers of supervisory structures located in the pepper production area
Participants in the training will be expected to have the following skills:

  • Practical knowledge of one or more stages of the Penja pepper value chain
  • Basic knowledge of SPS standards
  • Previous experience in the field of training
  • Working knowledge of the English language is an asset
  • Location close to the pepper production area (Penja) is an asset
Provisional calendar
  • End of September 2020: Selection of candidates
  • Mid-October 2020: Phase 1
  • December 2020: Phase 2
  • December 2020/January 2021: Phase 3

This schedule is provisional and subject to change. The precise dates will be communicated in due course.

Selection process

In order to guarantee the quality of the training, the number of places available is limited.

The selection of participants will be done in several stages, and the evaluation will focus on:
  • participant’s CV and covering letter
  • successful completion of the online courses (Phase 1)

If your company is interested in this training course, we invite you to send us your application, including CV and Letter of Motivation of the proposed participant(s), before Wednesday 30 September 2020, to Margaux MUYLE (

We hope that this training will meet your interest, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

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