Why join us as a member?

Benefit from services that are useful for the sustainability of your company and the agricultural sectors in which you work.

Share your difficulties and find with us the solutions and means to develop your business in a sustainable way.

Join a think tank for debate and exchange on public policies and the private sector in terms of sustainable development and the modernisation of European, ACP and African agriculture – a group that takes into account SMEs and small producers alongside multinationals, not just as beneficiaries but as full partners.

Influence the international scene by focusing on the balance of power within increasingly globalised food value chains, which tends to favour large companies and the players furthest down the chain.

Give more meaning to your action – and ours – by defending our values and vision through the promotion of inclusive and sustainable agriculture, and contribute to the eradication of poverty and the improvement of resilience and food security in which local SMEs play an important role.

Are you interested?

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