Stakeholder workshop for the “Guide to good SPS practices for the Penja pepper value chain”

We held a stakeholder workshop on 11 November in Penja, Cameroon to present the draft “Guide to good SPS practices for the Penja pepper value chain” to representatives of both public and private sectors, to collect feedback on the document. The aim is to achieve validation of the guide by the entire value chain. COLEACP warmly thanks all the stakeholders in the sector for their participation in this workshop, which represents a crucial step for the Penja pepper sector, and for the development of the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) project implemented by COLEACP in Cameroon.

The STDF CAMEROON project (STDF/PG/593) aims to improve the sanitary and phytosanitary quality of Penja pepper to promote its access to international markets.

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